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EPA Images provides a global news photo service ranging from news, politics, sports, and business, to arts, culture and entertainment.
Our service is based both on the broad international network of photographers and on the daily production of our European member agencies, who are all market leaders in their respective countries. All photos are edited and distributed to clients and partners worldwide by our editorial staff in Frankfurt, Bangkok, Cairo, Madrid, Tokyo and Washington, D.C., providing an around the clock service - 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

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We offer a comprehensive and timely global news video service spanning all classical news categories.
Approximately 35 to 40 video clips per day are available online, with an around the clock production expertly edited via video desks in Bangkok, Madrid and Mexico City. The video service is produced in partnership with Spanish news agency EFE - epa's main shareholder. EFE and epa build on their robust, reliable network of visual journalists operating across the world, enabling them to produce a broad and diverse video production. This network is further enhanced with the addition of world class videographers dedicated to the production of news footage.

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We have a superb reputation for sports coverage and provide dynamic and distinctive sports pictures from a comprehensive calendar of global events.
From our professional team of specialized visual journalists and editors, you can trust EPA Images to provide impressive sports coverage ranging from athletes competing for medals in all the major tournaments, to the drama on the football pitch in all its glory, fan reactions of jubilation and despair, through to the action off the pitch, such as award shows and big tournament build up.

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Take advantage of our extensive world-wide network of professionals.
Our award-winning team have made epa images one of the leading international news photo and video agencies. Commission one of our leading photographers, all skilled and experienced in delivering high quality content tailored specifically to your editorial or corporate assignment needs.

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