Frequently Asked Questions

Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. 

How do you effectively search the image database?

Search Images (photo and/or video)

- Enter key words word(s). The search engine searches through the full set of available metadata in the photo or video file.

- You can enter up to 12 separate key words to fine-tune your search.

- Use “AND”, “OR”, “NOT” between key words.

Biden AND Trump shows search results that contain both key words.

Biden OR Trump shows search results that contain any of the two or both key words

Biden NOT Trump shows search results that contain Biden and do not contain Trump

- Per default, the logical operator between entered search words is “AND”.

- You can use the * symbol as ‘wildcard’ (e.g. search for tenn* will show images containing the word tennis).

- After getting a search result, you can fine-tune by adding further key words to the search field.

Additional Search Filters

On the lefthand side, additional search filters can be utilized.

- EPA Now (images released in the last 30 days) and EPA Archive (images older than 30 days).

- Date: Enter a specific period.

- City: Enter a specific city.

- Country: Enter a specific country.

- Product: Choose via tick box from available EPA products.

- Category: Choose via tick box from available IPTC categories.

- Orientation: Choose via tick box from available image formats.

Reset Form

At the bottom on the lefthand side you can delete all formerly entered values via button “RESET FORM”.

What is the copyright and why do I need a license?

Any time a photo is printed or posted for any purpose and a video clip is watched or disseminated, the work of one of our photo/videographers is recognized by its value. Preserving their copyright is as essential for our industry survival as it is for the audiences’ right of information from trustworthy sources. When you purchase a copyright license, you contribute to the dissemination of the truth amidst the fake news and adulterated imagery. We also preserve our teams’ work by monitoring and addressing infringers for compensation of damages.

What types of licenses can I purchase?

Images licenses can be Royalty Free (one-time payment) and Rights Managed (one-time use). Find more to make your decision:

ROYALTY FREE is a copyright license that would give you the right to use the photo or video clip without many restrictions based on one-time payment. You can use the images in several projects without having to purchase any additional licenses from us. RF licenses cannot be given on an exclusive basis.

RIGHTS MANAGED is a copyright license that would allow you a one-time use of the photo or video clip on the conditions and usage rights granted with your license. If you need to use the images for other uses or purposes, you will have to buy additional licenses. RM licenses can be given on a non-exclusive or exclusive basis.

What types of uses can a license have?

A license can be used for editorial, commercial or personal purposes. Find more to choose the right one for you:

EDITORIAL OR INFORMATIVE USE: When an photo or video clip is used to convey information to the public or illustrate a news articles, an event or idea without direct profitable gain or commercial gain. The most common user of this license are newspapers, magazines, news TV programs and documentaries, non-corporate websites, blogs and Social Media, books and educational publications. - has the purpose of illustrating an newsworthy text. Has an informative character without commercial interest

COMMERCIAL OR PROMOTIONAL USE: When an image or clip is used to raise money or to brand, promote and sell a product or a cause. For marketing material and promotional brochures, posters, advertisements, sponsoring, endorsement, merchandising and packing products., web templates or decoration of commercial spaces. Promotional. They normally require rights clearance.

PERSONAL OR PRIVATE USE: When an image is used for personal purposes, such as print on a wall, gifts, T-shirt or mugs, vinyl artwork, etc.

What can I buy online?

We offer Basic RM licenses for private and most of editorial uses at a few clicks with very competitive prices. For CUSTOM RM and RF licenses, please contact our Sales department at

Basic Editorial licenses are available for online purchase for all news media customers, educational institutions, book publishers, websites, social media and blogs creators and internal company newsletters, presentations and reports. Price moderators are simplified by placement and audience of the images. Some geographical restrictions may apply. Once your purchase is completed, you will receive an invoice and a license agreement in your email inbox.

If you are interested in buying more than one image or video clip, have a look to our prepaid PACKS or corporate PLANS 

How do I get a retroactive license?

Our retroactive licenses cover your past unlicensed use of our images, in case you forgot to purchase a license or only afterwards realized one was necessary.

The minimum fees for a one-year retroactive license are:

Editorial use: €220

Commercial use: €400

If you had been contacted by our copyright infringement partner in Belgium, France, Germany, and Israel - Visual Rights Group VRG - they will handle the retroactive license or compensation fee on EPA Images’ behalf. In that case, a minimum of 25% is added on top for the unlicensed use.

In case you need to purchase a retroactive license in any other country or unrelated to a Visual Rights Group’s dossier, please contact us at or call our hotline +49 69 244 321 866.

Image Restrictions

What does 'Pool' mean? 

On certain occasions, only a very limited number of photographers are allowed to take pictures. In these cases, some photo agencies team up and determine a photographer who in this special case provides his/her images to the entire pool of agencies participating.

What does "Handout" mean?

A handout image is provided by a third party. In most cases (though not necessarily) these are governmental or promotional images.

What does 'XY Out' mean?

For some images, we do not hold the rights of all countries. In these cases, you will find information like "Poland out" in the IPTC-field. If you would like to use such an image, please, contact us via email or call us at +49 69 244 321 866. We will try to find out who holds the rights for your country.

What does 'No Sales' mean?

Images marked with "no sales" in the IPTC-field may not be sold by epa. In most cases these pictures are handouts.

If you would like to use such an image for editorial purposes we can make it available to you against a small handling fee. Under no circumstances we can license these images to you.

For further questions, please, contact us via email or call us at +49 69 244 321 866.

What does 'Editorial Use Only' mean? 

Images marked with "Editorial Use Only" in the IPTC-field have not been released for commercial use. These images may only be used editorially and in the direct context that they have been released.

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