IHF Women's Handball World Championship 2019

epa08087896 YEARENDER 2019 DECEMBER Ewgenija Minevskaja (R) of Germany in action against Marija Obradovic (L) of Serbia during the IHF Women's World Championship main round match between Germany and Serbia in Kumamoto, Japan, 09 December EPA-EFE/Franck Robichon

Tights, Lights and Turnbuckles: The heels, faces, and personalities of professional wrestling in East and Southeast Asia

epa07087503 YEARENDER PHOTO ESSAYS 2018 (01/35) Itabashi Pro-Wrestling's Happy Road Man (top) performs a high risk maneuver during a fight at the Happy Road Oyama summer festival in Tokyo, Japan, 25 August 2018. Itabashi Pro-Wrestling is a small promotion formed by Japanese professional wrestler HAYATE in 2014 that uses freelancers that live around Tokyo's Itabashi district to promote the local area. Professional wrestling is a form of sports entertainment derived from Greco-Roman wrestling. As Greco-Roman wrestling is an actual competitive sport, professional wrestling is a form of dramatic, highly physical sports entertainment with predetermined outcomes. The presence of western wrestling superstars in Japan and the influx of American soldiers and culture into the region during the Cold War created an interest in the performance art/sport in Southeast Asia, leading to the eventual creation of Manilla Wrestling Federation in the Philippines, Singapore Professional Wrestling, New Taiwan Entertainment Wrestling and Gatoh Move Professional Wrestling in Thailand. EPA-EFE/FRANCK ROBICHON ATTENTION: For the full PHOTO ESSAY text please see Advisory Notice epa06999981

Japan marks 74th anniversary of the end of World War II

epa07891202 A man dressed as an Imperial army soldier stands behind the Rising Sun war flag at the controversial Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, Japan, 15 August 2019, the day of the 74th anniversary of the end of World War II. Some 3.1 million Japanese soldiers and civilians were killed during the war, almost 2.5 million of whom are enshrined at Yasukuni, including convicted WWII war criminals. EPA-EFE/FRANCK ROBICHON

Award Winners Photocall -71st Cannes Film Festival

epa07082607 YEARENDER MAY 2018 Hirokazu Kore-Eda poses during the Award Winners photocall after he won the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) Prize for Shoplifters (Manbiki Kazoku) at the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France, 19 May 2018. EPA-EFE/FRANCK ROBICHON

Solo: A Star Wars Story Photocall - 71st Cannes Film Festival

epa07082614 YEARENDER MAY 2018 Chewbacca poses during the photocall for 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' at the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival, in Cannes, France, 15 May 2018. The movie is presented out of competition at the festival which runs from 08 to 19 May. EPA-EFE/FRANCK ROBICHON

Rugby World Cup 2019

epa07897535 Jack Nowell of England (L) scores a try past Emiliano Boffelli of Argentina (R) during the Rugby World Cup match between Argentina and England at Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo, Japan, 05 October 2019. EPA-EFE/FRANCK ROBICHON EDITORIAL USE ONLY/ NO COMMERCIAL SALES / NOT USED IN ASSOCATION WITH ANY COMMERCIAL ENTITY

Olympic Games 2016 Athletics, Track and Field

epa08095874 PICTURES OF THE DECADE Usain Bolt (C) of Jamaica celebrates after winning the men's 100m final of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Athletics, Track and Field events at the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 14 August 2016. EPA-EFE/FRANCK ROBICHON

The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011

epa03019226 Toyota Motor Corp. concept car 'Fun-Vii' is displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show in Tokyo, Japan, 30 November 2011. Some 176 exhibitors from 12 countries are participating to the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Art Aquarium

epa02901422 A young woman smiles as she visits the 'Art Aquarium' exhibition at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo, Japan, 06 September 2011. More than 1,000 goldfish are on display at the exhibition running until 12 September. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Daegu 2011 IAAF World Championships

epa02895652 Sergey Makarov of Russia competes in the men's Javelin final at the 13th IAAF World Championships in Daegu, Republic of Korea, 03 September 2011 EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

The Dinosaur Expo 2011 in Tokyo

epa02804188 The head of a Raptorex is displayed at the Dinosaur Expo 2011 in Tokyo, Japan, 01 July 2011. The expo will run from 02 July until 02 October 2011. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

MTV Video Music Aid Japan - Lady Gaga

epa02794526 US singer Lady Gaga performs during the 'MTV Video Music Aid Japan' in Makuhari, near Tokyo, Japan, 25 June 2011. Lady Gaga participated in the charity music event for the victims of the 11 March earthquake and tsunami. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON EDITORIAL USE ONLY


epa02727213 Seagulls fly over a waste disposal in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, 11 May 2011. The 11 March earthquake and tsunami turned entire coastal cities into rubble creating an estimate amount of 100 million tons of waste. Such an amount will have an impact of the recovery speed and on the environment of the affected area. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

China Formula One Grand Prix

epa02691719 British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton of McLaren Mercedes jumps into his team members after winning the China Formula One Grand Prix at the Shanghai International circuit in Shanghai, China, 17 April 2011. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

China Formula One Grand Prix

epa02691720 British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton of McLaren Mercedes jumps into his team members after winning the China Formula One Grand Prix at the Shanghai International circuit in Shanghai, China, 17 April 2011. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Resident Evil: Afterlife

epa02312514 Cast member US actress Ali Larter (R) is expecting her first child as she stands on stage with Ukrainian-born actress Milla Jovovich during the World Premiere of their latest movie 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' in Tokyo, Japan, 02 September 2010. The sci-fi action movie is by British director Paul W.S. Anderson and stars Milla Jovovich. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Japan earthquake and tsunami aftermath

epa02658098 A public relations department employee presents to the press latest documents before the start of a press conference at the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) headquarters, in Tokyo, Japan, 28 March 2011. A partial meltdown caused high levels of radioactive materials detected in water at a reactor at an earthquake- and tsunami-damaged nuclear power plant in north-eastern Japan, the government said 28 March. The partial meltdown of spent fuel rods was believed to be temporary at reactor 2 at the six-reactor plant in Fukushima, 250 kilometres north-east of Tokyo. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Salt premiere

epa02262794 US actress and cast member Angelina Jolie smiles as she waves to fans at the film premiere of 'Salt' in Tokyo, Japan, 27 July 2010. The movie by Australian director Phillip Noyce opens in Japanese theaters on 31 July. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Argentina vs Germany

epa02236543 Germany's Miroslav Klose (R) shoots past Argentina's Nicolas Burdisso to score the 4-0 against Argentina during the FIFA World Cup 2010 quarter final match between Argentina and Germany at the Green Point stadium in Cape Town, South Africa, 03 July 2010. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON Please refer to www.epa.eu/downloads/FIFA-WorldCup2010-Terms-and-Conditions.pdf

Italy vs Paraguay

epa02202314 Italy's Simone Pepe makes a scissor kick attempt during the FIFA World Cup 2010 group F preliminary round match between Italy and Paraguay at the Green Point stadium in Cape Town, South Africa, 14 June 2010. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON Please refer to www.epa.eu/downloads/FIFA-WorldCup2010-Terms-and-Conditions.pdf

Australian Open Tennis Tournament

epa02536292 An umpire watches the women's first round match between Kirsten Flipkens of Belgium and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of Russia as the night falls at the Australian Open Tennis Tournament in Melbourne, Australia, 18 January 2011. Pavlyuchenkova won in two sets. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Swan Sanctuary

epa02516606 Picture made available on 05 January 2011 of a swan reflected on a flooded rice field in Motono-mura, Inzai city in Chiba prefecture, near Tokyo, Japan, 03 January 2011. In November 1992, a local man started to take care of six swans after they found shelter in a rice field close to his house. By feeding them and providing a flooded rice field as a place to rest, more and more swans came each year. Hundreds of swans are now coming and the place is now known as the 'Swan Sanctuary'. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Athletics, Track & Field

epa01453820 Alexis Copello of Cuba competes during the Men's Triple Jump Qualification Round at the National Stadium for the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, 18 August 2008. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

'Dog Washing Machine' in Tokyo

epa02085553 Three-year-old toy poodle Mizuho yawns as being dried in the 'Dog Washing Machine' at the Pet World of Joyful Honda store, in Tokyo suburbs, Japan, 19 March 2010. The 30-minute course costs 1000 yen (8 euros) and include a shampoo, rinsing and a dry with warmed blow. Even if many dogs are reluctant to experience the automated washing, repeaters seem to enjoy the program. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON


epa02073487 Workers labour close to a large portrait of Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifah, King of Bahrain, on the way to the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, Bahrain, 10 March 2010. The Formula One Grand Prix of Bahrain will take place on 14 March 2010. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Okunoshima, former poison gas island known as Rabbit Island

epa01737152 A rabbit stands still in Okunoshima Island, off Takehara city in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, 15 March 2009. Located in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan, Okunoshima is a small island at a 20 minute ferry ride distant from Tadanoumi in the eastern part of Takehara city, Hiroshima Prefecture. It is now mainly known as Rabbit Island as a large population of wild rabbits occupies the all island. According to the Japanese Environment Ministry, their presence follows the release of 8 of their ancestors by a local elementary school in 1971. Other sources say they were originally brought to the island to perform laboratory testing of the chemicals. Despite its actual bucolic aspect, the island was hiding a poison gas factory producing much of the chemical weapons that were used by the Japanese Army on the Chinese Mainland during World War II. The Secondary Tokyo Military Arsenal started the construction in total secrecy of the poison gas plant in 1929, in such an extend as the island was removed from some maps. Until its destruction in 1945, the factory has been producing toxic and poison gases, mainly Yperite or mustard gas, for the Imperial Army. Labour conditions were extremely dangerous and workers had to protect themselves with rubber uniforms, anti-poison gas masks and gloves. Chosen for its isolation and far enough from populated areas in case of disaster, the complex produced over 6,000 tons of mustard gas and other toxic gases before being totally detroyed at the end of the war. Even after its destruction, silence about this facility was still remaining when, in 1984, the activities of the Japanese chemical weapons industry during the war came to light. Nowadays, Okunoshima has been cleaned from its poisonous residues and welcomes visitors in a vacation resort as ruins of the military fortifications and gas production and storage units can be found all over the island. Ruins that are only occupied by... the rabbits. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Premiere of 'Sherlock Holmes' in Tokyo

epa02039415 British actor and cast member Jude Law arrives at the premiere of the movie 'Sherlock Holmes' in Tokyo, Japan, 18 February 2010. The movie by English director Guy Ritchie will be released in Japan on 12 March. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Japan VS China

epa02019114 Japan's forward Sota Hirayama (L) aims for the ball against China's goalkeeper Yang Zhi during their East Asian Football Championship soccer match in Tokyo, Japan, 06 February 2010. The game ended scoreless. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France

epa02004771 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France stretches to return to Nicolas Almagro of Spain during his men's singles fourth round match at the Australian Open Tennis Tournament in Melbourne, Australia, 25 January 2010. Tsonga won in five sets. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Venus Williams of the United States

epa01998107 Venus Williams of the United States serves against Sybille Bammer of Austria during her women's singles second round match at the Australian Open Tennis Tournament in Melbourne, Australia, 21 January 2010. Venus Williams won in two sets. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Yasukuni Shrine Honozumo (ceremonial tournament held in the shrine's precincts)

epa01304623 A sumo wrestler receives 'power water' prior his bout during a ceremonial tournament at the Yasukuni Shrine precincts, in Tokyo, Japan, 4 April 2008. Some 200 wrestlers participated to the event held in the controversial shrine where Japan's war dead are commemorated. EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

epa09623464 Police forces block demonstrators in front of the National Stadium during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Games in Tokyo, Japan, 23 July 2021. Demonstrators staged a protest against the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as the opening ceremony happened in a stadium without spectators. EPA-EFE/FRANCK ROBICHON

Olympic Games 2020 Athletics

epa09620916 Megan Tapper of Jamaica celebrates winning bronze in the Women's 100m Hurdles final at the Athletics events of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, Japan, 02 August 2021. EPA-EFE/FRANCK ROBICHON

Resurgence of coronavirus cases in Tokyo

epa09618989 Pedestrians wearing protective face masks walk through Shibuya scramble crossing in Tokyo, Japan, 08 April 2021. Tokyo and Osaka, Japan's two largest cities, are affected by a resurgence of COVID-19 infection cases since the central government lifted the state of emergency on 21 March. With more than 500 new cases reported for two consecutive days, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike asked the government for stronger measures to curve the spread of the coronavirus disease. EPA-EFE/FRANCK ROBICHON
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