Professional amputee footballers training session in Lagos

epa09975201 A Professional amputee footballer rests during a training session at the national stadium in Lagos, Nigeria, 25 May 2022. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, weekly training for sporting activities had been suspended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Among these sporting activities is the amputee football training. The footballers complained of lack of training kits and incentives to prepare them for international competitions. EPA-EFE/AKINTUNDE AKINLEYE

Signs and graffiti reflect disputes over old buildings around Lagos

epa09946816 A note reading 'This house is not for sale' on the wall of an old building in Omida district of Abeokuta, about 70 kilometers outside Lagos, Nigeria, 14 May 2022. Disputes on local architectural buildings are common in Lagos and surrounding towns because of high economic values on lands in prime places in urban centers. Buildings are often marked with signs and graffiti that reflect these disputes often on ancestral family lands. EPA-EFE/AKINTUNDE AKINLEYE

Mini street banks in Lagos

epa09912716 A banner advertising money transfer on a point of sale machine is hung on an umbrella at a makeshift stall in Lagos, Nigeria, 27 April 2022. In Lagos, there is a proliferation of mini street licensed bank agents who exchange money with the point of sale machine for a commission. Until recently, only institutionalized banks were licensed to operate financial transactions. But mini street banks, mostly built on makeshift stalls where people can send and receive both cash transaction and money online now proliferate Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. EPA-EFE/Akintunde Akinleye

Boxing at a Local Gym in Lagos

epa09803408 A girl wearing a pair of boxing gloves participates in a boxing training exercise in a dusty in the Alagbado district in Lagos, Nigeria 05 March 2022. Local boxing training fields abound in Lagos where recruitments are often made to the Nigerian national teams. EPA-EFE/AKINTUNDE AKINLEYE

Easter Sunday service in Lagos

epaselect epa09115955 Members of the Celestial Church of Christ attend the Easter Sunday service at the International headquarters of the Church in Ketu district in Lagos, Nigeria, 04 April 2021. Christians across Nigeria celebrated the Easter Sunday, marking the resurrection of Christ. EPA-EFE/AKINTUNDE AKINLEYE

Traditional boxing in Lagos, Nigeria

epaselect epa08515078 Boxers compete in a traditional combat sport known as 'Danbe' at a gym in Lagos, Nigeria, 28 June 2020. Danbe is a popular discipline among the Hausa-Fulani people from the northern part of Nigeria. The fights feature live commentary in the Hausa language as well as traditional musical entertainment. EPA-EFE/AKINTUNDE AKINLEYE

Abandoned train coaches at the Nigerian Railway compound in Lagos

epa09766897 A man walks past an abandoned train coach on a track at the Nigerian Railway compound in Ebute Metta district in Lagos, Nigeria, 17 February 2022. Although there is an on-going transformation to the railway transportation in Nigeria, relying more on loans from China, the carcasses and abandoned old trains and railway tracks in Lagos' expansive railway yard calls for a question between transformation and corruption. EPA-EFE/AKINTUNDE AKINLEYE

Daily life in Nigeria's Borno state

epaselect epa09736177 A girl wearing hijab recites Islamic texts from a book in a school in Maiduguri, north-eastern Borno state, Nigeria, 07 February 2022. The Nigeria’s northeast has been a zone of terrorism over the past 12 years, with millions of people displaced, and many living in IDP camps, over the activities of the Islamic terrorists who are angered by formal, Western education. Normal daily life is gradually returning to Maiduguri, the epicenter of the crisis. EPA-EFE/Akintunde Akinleye

Metal and plastic waste collected for recycling in Lagos

epa09727800 Waste materials are separated and weighed at a scrap market where metal and plastic waste is collected for recycling in Kara, Ojodu district, Lagos, Nigeria, 04 February 2022. Although there are a growing number of formal, medium scale organizations dealing with recycled materials such as plastics and metal wastes, the number of artisans and laborers working on the waste fields in Lagos and other urban cities in Nigeria is huge and their contributions to the waste recycling industry in Nigeria has great economic and environmental impact. EPA-EFE/Akintunde Akinleye

Nigeria Labour Congress Suspends a Nation-Wide strike

epa09712732 People sit in a commercial bus with a broken door at a motor-park in the Tejuoso district in Lagos, Nigeria, 27 January 2022. The Nigeria Labour Congress suspended its proposed nation-wide strike after the federal government of Nigeria postponed a proposal to increase the price of fuel and stop subsidy on petrol. EPA-EFE/Akintunde Akinleye

Nigeria's government announces a proposal for a fuel subsidy removal and increase in fuel prices

epa09700397 A signboard showing the prices of fuel is seen in front of a fuel station in the Oshodi district of Lagos, Nigeria, 21 January 2022. As the Federal government of Nigeria announces a proposal for a fuel subsidy removal and increase in fuel prices, the Nigeria Labour Congress has also announced a protest during the next week ahead of a looming nation-wide strike. EPA-EFE/AKINTUNDE AKINLEYE

Nigeria vs Egypt

epa09679407 A soccer fan jubilates as Nigeria scores a goal during the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations soccer match between Nigeria and Egypt, as fans watch at a viewing centre in Lagos, Nigeria 11 January 2022. Nigeria won the match 1-0. EPA-EFE/AKINTUNDE AKINLEYE

Christmas shopping in Lagos

epa09656053 A man holds an umbrella as he attaches handkerchiefs to it for sale in Isale-Eko market, Lagos Island district in Lagos, Nigeria, 24 December 2021. As Christmas approaches, people shop for goods, clothes, and other items along a street in Ilsale-Eko, a day before Christmas. EPA-EFE/Akintunde Akinleye
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