Bac Ha traditional horse racing

epa09997007 People ride horses as they compete in a traditional horse racing as a part of the annual Bac Ha White Plateau Festival, in Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province, Vietnam, 05 June 2022. The festival, held from 04 to 12 June, is expected to attract thousands of visitors EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

SEA Games Vietnam 2021

epa09959771 A double exposure shot shows Nguyen Ngoc Trung of Vietnam competing in the 61kg men's clean and jerk weightlifting competition during the 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) in Hanoi, Vietnam, 20 May 2022. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

SEA Games Vietnam 2021

epa09957103 Heng Wie Qi Katelin of Singapore competes in the individual all-around final during the Rhythmic Gymnastics events of the 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) in Hanoi, Vietnam, 19 May 2022. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

SEA Games Vietnam 2021

epa09947973 Letitia Sim of Singapore in action during the Women 200m breaststroke of Swimming events at 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) in Hanoi, Vietnam, 15 May 2022. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

SEA Games in Vietnam

epa09946202 Pereira Veronica Shanti of Singapore celebrates after winning gold medal in the women's 200m race during the athletics events at the 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) in Hanoi, Vietnam 14 May 2022. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

SEA Games Vietnam 2021

epa09939824 Hong Giang and Hong Hanh of Vietnam perform during the Women's Synchronized 10m Platform final of Diving events at 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) in Hanoi, Vietnam 11 May 2022. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

Gymnasts train for the upcoming SEA Games 31 in Vietnam

epa09889245 A gymnast trains for the upcoming 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) at the National Sports Training Center in Hanoi, Vietnam, 14 April 2022. SEA Games 31 will take place from 12 to 23 May 2022 in Hanoi and 11 neighboring localities. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

Vietnam reopens to international tourists after two years

epa09825808 A man walks at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, Vietnam, 15 March 2022. Vietnam expects to fully open tourism and welcome back international tourists starting 15 March, after two years of suspending all international flights. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

COVID-19 testing in Hanoi, Vietnam

epa09437846 Health workers wearing personal protective equipments (PPE) collect swab samples from residents for coronavirus (COVID-19 disease) testing in Hanoi, Vietnam, 31 August 2021. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

Ethnic San Chi women play soccer match as part of the Soong Co festival

epa09157922 Ethnic San Chi women wearing traditional clothes play during a soccer match between the San Chi ethnic group, as part of the Soong Co festival, in Huc Dong commune, Binh Lieu district, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam, 25 April 2021. The match, which has all 14 players playing in traditional clothes with long-sleeved blue shirts, black skirts and headbands, has attracted hundred of visitors. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

Lotus season in Vietnam

epa08446313 A lotus flower blossoms in a lake in Hanoi, Vietnam, 27 May 2020. Traditions sees for Vietnamese people use the inner parts of the lotus to mix with tea in oder to get a unique fragrance. Lotus flower season is usually from late May through to August. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

Vietnam reopens tourist attractions

epa08437821 An artist from the Vietnam National Tuong Theatre prepares backstage before performing in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam, 22 May 2020. Vietnam reopened many tourist attractions after a long shutdown due to the COVID-19 disease pandemic. Several countries around the world have started to ease COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in an effort to restart their economies and help people in their daily routines after the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

Quarantined village amid coronavirus pandemic in Vietnam

epa08356774 A medical staff in protective gear collects a swab sample from a resident of Ha Loi village, in Hanoi, Vietnam, 11 April 2020. The village, which is home to nearly 11,000 people, started a 28-day quarantine period on 08 April 2020, after a resident was confirmed being infected with coronavirus. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

Mud ball wrestling festival in Van village, Bac Giang province

epa06764635 Local villagers compete in a mud ball wrestling festival in Van village, in the northern province of Bac Giang, Vietnam 26 May 2018. The festival is held on the forth lunar month every four years, in order to celebrate the victory of four brothers Truong Hong, Truong Hach, Truong Lung and Truong Lay as they defeated a group of demons in a mud ball wrestling match. Before the festival, local women carry water from the river then pour into the 200 square meter yard, where sixteen unmarried men from two teams will compete for three hours. The festival takes place for 3 days. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

US-North Korea Summit in Hanoi

epa07403112 United States President Donald Trump speaks to the media during a press conference, after a meeting with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, in Hanoi, Vietnam, 28 February 2019. US President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un abruptly cut short their second summit on 28 February, without reaching an agreement. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

Traditional ball scrambling festival in Hanoi

epa07358621 Local men of the Hoang Mai district vie for the ball made of jackfruit wooden, weighing 25kg during the Thuy Linh village traditional ball scrambling festival, in Hanoi, Vietnam, 10 February 2019. Hundreds of local villagers and visitors took part in the festival held on the first week of every first lunar month. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

Painting on Buffalo festival

epa06254109 YEARENDER 2017 FEBRUARY A painted buffalo during the 'Painting on Buffalo' festival (Tich Dien) in Ha Nam province, Vietnam, 02 February 2017. On the 6th day of the first lunar month, artists from all over the country participated in the decorating contest, attracting hundreds of visitors to the festival. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

Christmas in Vietnam

epa02506742 Vietnamese nuns attend the Christmas Eve mass in Phat Diem Cathedral in Ninh Binh, Vietnam, 25 December 2010. The cathedral is considered a spiritual home for millions of Catholics who live in Vietnam. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Cancer kills more in Vietnam

epa02505083 A picture made available 23 December 2010 showing Cuong, 4, sleeping on his sick bed at the Oncology department of the Vietnam national hospital of Pediatrics in Hanoi, Vietnam, 22 December 2010. The department has been treating children from 0 to 15 years of age with cancer and tumors since 1998 when it was established. According to statistics at the conference lately, between 100,000 and 200,000 new cancer cases are reported in Vietnam each year, while between 15, 000 - 20,000 people die from cancer annually. Cancer has become one of the biggest killers in Vietnam, along with road accidents and HIV/AIDS. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Dep Fashion Show

epa02422987 A model performs during the Dep Fashion Show in Hanoi, Vietnam 31 October 2010. The 9th Dep Fashion Show, the largest annual fashion show in Vietnam, named 'Dreaming' takes place at The Garden trading centre in Hanoi. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Flood in Vietnam's central provinces causes 76 deaths

epa02409528 In this photo made available on 24 October 2010, Uyen, 89 (L) and Lang, 80 (R) sit waiting for food supplies and clothes during relief distribution after the flood in Quang Binh province, Vietnam 23 October 2010. Earlier floods left at 76 people dead, 44 injured in Ha Tinh and other central provinces, according to local media reports. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Firework explosion kills 4 people in Vietnamese capital

epa02377781 People perform during the rehearsal for the 1000th Anniversary of Hanoi's music show in My Dinh national stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam 06 October 2010. Three foreigners and one Vietnamese were killed in a fireworks explosion during preparations for Hanoi's showcase millennium celebrations, according to official sources on 06 October. The explosion occurred in My Dinh Stadium national during a rehearsal for Sunday's ceremony which was planned to conclude with a fireworks display. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Vietnam’s Thang Long Imperial Citadel becomes UNESCO heritage

epa02371212 A general view of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long at night in Hanoi, Vietnam 03 October 2010. The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in the capital Hanoi became UNESCO heritage as the world culture body added this site to its top heritage list on August 2010. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Vietnamese exercise in the early morning

epa02292342 A man exercises at dawn by Hoan Kiem lake in central Hanoi, Vietnam, 19 August 2010. Many Vietnamese elderlies gather around the lake in the early morning and evening for their daily excercises. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

The Davines Hairshow 2010

epa02268986 Models have their hair prepared backstage before the Davines hairshow in Hanoi, Vietnam 31 July 2010. The hair fashion show, which is organized by Davines, one of Italy’s leading hair care companies, aims to honor the beauty of contemporary women’s hairstyles and has been held previously in a many cities around the world since 1996. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

The Davines Hairshow 2010

epa02268982 Models prepare their hair and make-up backstage before the Davines hairshow in Hanoi, Vietnam 31 July 2010. The hair fashion show, which is organized by Davines, one of Italy’s leading hair care companies, aims to honor the beauty of contemporary women’s hairstyles and has been held previously in a many cities around the world since 1996. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

U23 Thailand plays U23 China

epa01922695 China's Zhou Liao (C) vies with Thailand's goalkeeper Kawin Thamsay (L) during the Smartdoor cup 2009 in My Dinh stadium, Hanoi, Vietnam 05 November 2009. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Rescue efforts for revered turtle

epa02621483 Hundreds of residents and police gather around Hoan Kiem lake as they watch rescuers trying to capture a rare turtle for medical treatment at Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi, Vietnam 08 March 2011. Residents believe the giant turtle brings luck because it is said that a giant turtle lent King Le Loi a magical sword, with which he was able to defeat the Chinese invaders in 1427. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

International Women's Day 2011 - A girl practices ballet in Hanoi

epa02621341 A student of Vietnam Dance College practices during a ballet class in Hanoi, Vietnam 08 March 2011. Despite the growing popularity of modern dance in Vietnam's major cities, many parents continue to encourage their children to practice ballet from an early age. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Collection by fashion designer Hoang Hai in Hanoi

epa01902222 Models wear creations by Vietnamese designer Hoang Hai during the HD Fashion show in Hanoi, Vietnam 18 October 2009. Hoang Hai released his collection 'The Myth' with more than 60 creations. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

New York Philharmonic plays in Hanoi

epa01900965 US conductor Alan Gilbert performs during a New York Philharmonic concert at the Opera House in Hanoi, Vietnam, 17 October 2009. The New York Philharmonic is in the Vietnamese capital for the first time, as part of its Asian tour. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Twelve dead in Vietnam tourist boat sinking

epa02589162 The tourist boat 'Dream Voyage is being salvaged near Titop island, in Ha Long Bay, northern Vietnam, 18 February 2011. Vietnamese police detained for questioning the captain and four crew members involved in a boat tragedy that left 12 tourists dead the previous day. The accident occurred on 17 February at Ha Long Bay when a tourist boat carrying 27 people sank. Nguyen Khuong Duy, a Vietnamese Australian, one of 15 survivors in the tragedy told local media the accident happened when people were still sleeping in the boat. Those on the top deck had time to escape before the boat sank. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

La Phu Festival in Hanoi

epa02584480 A man cleans the dead pig before the 'La Phu' festival in La Phu Village, Hanoi, Vietnam, 15 February 2011. According to local traditions, La Phu villagers decorate dead pigs and carry them around the village to the temple on 13th day of the first lunar month. After the festival, people will share the pork to every househood in the village. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Operation Smile Vietnam

epa02190333 Vi, 5 years old (L) is carried by her grandmother at the Vietnam-Cuba Hospital during a free surgery campaign by Operation Smile in Hanoi, Vietnam, 07 June 2010. Operation Smile which is an American charity organization provides free medical treatment for children and adults suffering from cleft lip, palettes and other facial deformities. Operation Smile Vietnam has provided free surgeries to approximately 12,000 children since 1989. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

An artist paints on a street in Hanoi

epa02558638 An artist paints on a street in Hanoi, Vietnam 31 January 2011. Vietnamese people often use calligraphy paintings to decorate their houses during Tet, or Vietnamese traditional lunar new year, the most important holiday of the year. This year, Tet starts from 02 to 06 February 2011. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Vietnam National Tuong Theatre

epa02177294 A Tuong actor rehearses backstage during a performance of 'Extract An Old Man Carries His Wife On The Back To A Festival' at the Vietnam National Tuong Theatre in Hanoi, Vietnam, 27 May 2010. This is one of the folk spectaculars, which has been performed for generations. It tells the story of a prince who relies on his father's power to get the young wife of the old man. One actor performs two characters, the old man and the young wife, with the help of a puppet. It is believed that Tuong theatre was imported from China around the 13th century when Vietnam was warring against the Mongol Yuan Dynasty. Later, it developed from being entertainment for the royal court to being performed for commoners and peasants by traveling troupes. The stories in Tuong tend to be historical and often focus on the rules of social decorum. Legends from either the history if China or Vietnam are re-enacted. Tuong employs the use of stock characters who are recognizable from their make up and costumes, which are typically very elaborate and extravagant. The Vietnam National Tuong Theatre was established in 1959 with only 19 artists and officials. Nowadays nearly 200 officials and artists work at the theatre with productions also presented in the country's provinces. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Hanoi implements home COVID19 vaccination for elderly

epaselect epa09678316 Bui Thi Loat, 90, (R) has her health checked before receiving a vaccine shot against COVID-19 at her home in Hanoi, Vietnam, 11 January 2022. Hanoi has implemented a vaccination against COVID-19 at home for the elderly, people with underlying diseases, and disabled. Vietnam - according to official data - has vaccinated over 90 percent of its adult population with two vaccine doses against COVID-19. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

Ethnic minority cultures subsist in Sapa, Vietnam

epa01803383 In this picture made available 23 July, 2009, an elderly Red Dzao ethnic minority woman smiles in her wood and mud house in Sapa, Vietnam, 22, July 2009. The town of Sapa, a former French colonial hill station in north-west Vietnam, is a popular tourist attraction due to its proximity to the Chinese border, beautiful mountain views and colorful ethnic minority cultures. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Children practice ballet in Hanoi

epa01782762 Young girls practice during a ballet class at a studio in Hanoi, Vietnam, 04 July 2009. Despite the growing popularity of modern dance like hip hop in Vietnam's major cities, many parents continue to encourage their children to practice ballet from an early age. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Earth Day feature in Vietnam

epa02118995 A woman collects garbage on her way to a rubbish dump in Hanoi, Vietnam 14 April 2010. Earth Day is celebrated around the world annually on 22 April to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the earth's environment. On Earth Day individuals as well as environmental groups take action to raise awareness of and political attention to environmental issues such as pollution, global warming and climate change, and to encourage public endeavour for a clean environment. Earth Day which was founded by by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2010. According to the official website: 'Earth Day 2010 can be a turning point to advance climate policy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and green jobs.' EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Streetside barber gives a shave in Hanoi

epa01750825 A barber gives a customer a close shave on a sidewalk in Hanoi, Vietnam, 04 June, 2009. Barbers have been plying their trade on the streets of Hanoi for decades, but are now part of a dying breed, as more and more middle class Vietnamese opt for barber shops and hair salons. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Storks in Bang Lang garden

epa02075946 A photograph made available on 12 March 2010 shows storks perch upon a tree in Bang Lang garden, Can Tho city, Vietnam, on 11 March 2010. The garden, located 40km away from centre of Can Tho city, is 14000 square metre with more than 300000 storks. Bang Lang garden in Can Tho city is now becoming a popular ecotourism spot in the west of southern Vietnam. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Mekong River at lowest point since 20 years

epa02073027 Farmers cut rice during the harvesting season in Can Tho city in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam 10 March, 2010. Mekong River water level has plummeted to the lowest level since 20 years, affecting more than 60 million people in Southeast Asia who rely on the river for food, irrigation and transportation. The Mekong River system supports one of the world's largest inland fisheries. China's construction of four hydroelectric dams on the upper portions of the Mekong have been blamed for falling river levels but China denies the claim. Low rainfall in China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is also named as a contributor. Farmers face dried up crops with lack of water to irrigate, fishermen report smaller catches and cargo river transportation has been interrupted. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Tigers at the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center in Soc Son

epa09669168 A tiger lays inside an enclosure at the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center in Soc Son, Hanoi, Vietnam 06 January 2022. The Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center has been home to many animals such as bears, pangolins, gibbons, macaques, endangered turtles, and a total of 36 Indochinese tigers (Panthera tigris). 2022 marks the year of the Tiger in the Vietnamese calendar. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH

Veterinary clinic for pets in Hanoi

epa09618660 Pham Xuan Van, 89, (L) shows acupuncture techniques at her clinic for pets in Hanoi, Vietnam 03 December 2021. Pham Xuan Van, a retired teacher at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture, has been running the charity clinic for pets for more than 10 years. The veterinary clinic's purpose is to develop acupuncture techniques and help students practice their skills, so that they can rescue more animals, according to Van. EPA-EFE/LUONG THAI LINH ATTENTION: This Image is part of a PHOTO SET

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