EPA Images joins the Content Authenticity Initiative

Frankfurt am Main, 22 November 2022

In a strong statement of commitment and compromise, EPA Images joins the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), a step forward in the fight against misinformation, fake images and manipulation of editorial content.

The European Pressphoto Agency adds its name to the list of members of one of the most remarkable programs in the world of visual informative content, a community with some of the most important names and brands in the news business.

This step is taken also at a particularly symbolic moment for EPA, right at the time of the new EPA Images rebranding, in a complete change of look and renovating its compromise with high-quality visual editorial content.

“EPA Images is excited about CAI and the possibilities it brings to visual content providers and media outlets.”, said Jose Luis Paniagua, Editor in Chief of EPA Images.

"With our addition to CAI we want to be part of one exciting project, a game changer in the visual business that will give the users the certainty of being watching truthful and reliable images", added Paniagua.

“We welcome EPA to the Content Authenticity Initiative as a major player in the photojournalism space with a long tradition of compelling photography and accuracy. We look forward to working closely together on implementing the technology” said Santiago Lyon, Head of Advocacy and Education for the CAI. “

The system aims to provide verifiable, tamper-evident signatures, so that the image and metadata haven’t been unknowingly altered, at the time allowing the privacy and security of photojournalists, one element of the utmost importance for EPA.

EPA is fully committed in the development and exploration of a tool that might become critical to face the challenges of misinformation and fake visual news in the near future.

About EPA Images

The European Pressphoto Agency B.V., recently rebranded as EPA Images, was founded by main European news agencies and officially started in January 1985. The vision of the founders was driven by the demand for an independent quality world picture service originally designed for the needs of the European media

market. In early 2003, EPA made its service available to the worldwide market. In 2015, EPA launched its global video service. Today's EPA photo and video service is based on the broad network of EPA's visual journalists all over the world and on the daily production of its member agencies ANA-MPA, ANP, ANSA, EFE, Lusa, PAP, KEYSTONE and MIT, which are all market leaders in their respective countries.

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