epa and Maxppp Renew Their Content Partnership

Frankfurt/Main, 06 December 2021

The European Pressphoto Agency (epa), leading international news photo and video agency, and Maxppp, prominent French news agency, announced the extension of their longstanding partnership. Since 2011, both agencies have collaborated closely to produce and distribute a high-quality and comprehensive daily coverage of news, sports and entertainment photo and video, to all French media companies.

"For over a decade, Maxppp has been a reliable partner for epa in France, one of the main media markets in Europe. They understand the value of high-quality photography, which is a key element of epa’s identity", said Julia R. Arévalo, President and CEO of epa. "The entire Maxppp team has been proud to represent this fantastic agency for 10 years and is enthusiastically committed to this new stage of our collaboration" said Rémy Le Morvan, founder and CEO of Maxppp.


epa is one of the five major visual content providers in the world, with an expansive network of award-winning photographers and videographers providing an original perspective on the news that shapes the world’s agenda. epa’s core shareholders provide their coverage of global relevance from 8 European countries in addition to Latin America. The service is managed via regional editorial desks in Tokyo, Bangkok, Cairo, Frankfurt (headquarters), Madrid and Washington, D.C.

Founded in 1985, epa provides a daily news photo feed of 2,200 images, covering news events all over the world. epa’s international photo service is used by global media clients thanks to epa’s broad network of visual journalists and the daily production of its partners and member agencies, which are all market leaders in their respective countries.


Maxppp, created in 1991, is a major player in the market. The agency offers regional, national, international, photo and video content to the press and the media. Every day, 6,000 new photographs illustrate all current topics: politics, economy, news items, people, sport, illustration, historical archives... With a first-rate archive base, (including the collections of the France National Library) its site maxppp.com, contains more than 40,000,000 images.

The original Maxppp model puts it at the heart of a unique partnership with the 35 largest titles in the Regional Daily Press (Ouest France, Le Parisien, Nice Matin, La Voix du Nord, Sud Ouest, etc.) and the regional offices of Radio France. Its French news offering is unrivaled, complemented by the exclusive representations of major national and international agencies among which, epa is the flagship.

Sales and Press inquiries should be directed to sales@epa.eu

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